Meat, Cheese, and Guacamole plate

As you can see, I worked very hard with this home cooked meal 😋😋

Jussssstt kidding..

This snack/meal (whatever you wanna call it) is one of my quick go-to’s.

I just open the package, slap it on a plate, and devour it. Pre packaged everything.

Salami, turkey lunch meat, guacamole, and cubes cheese. Just be aware of the carb count in the guacamole. Sometimes those tricky manufacturers will sneak some hidden sugars in there. Same with the cheese. There will always be potato starch in your packages of pre cut cheese. Your best bet would be to grab a block of cheese and cut it yourself. But let’s be honest, if I wanted to do that, then it would be more work, which I’m trying to avoid here 😂

Total carbs: 4g per serving (may be different for you based on what brands you use)

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