I love to cook! But to be completely honest, I’ve never been that good at it. *gasp* until keto, that is. It takes doing something you enjoy to help you truly find your passion.

Quick run down.. ketogenic is high fats (healthy), moderate protein, and low carb (20g per day) way of eating.

Ketogenic is truly a way of life for me. As cliche as that may sound. I started the keto way of eating in hopes of getting my weight down to pre-baby size. But I never knew how much better I would feel, physically.

Not only do I have 2 pre-teen boys, but I also have a 1 year old little girl (first time I’ve ever actually typed that *mommy emotional moment* she just turned one).

So this is it!! My time to get healthy, get happy, and get creative. Follow along and be sure to comment any tips or tricks you have. And be sure to let me know what you think of the recipes. ❤️